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What is Trenbolone?

Known for its powerful cutting capabilities, Trenbolone has set the standard for years in the Anabolic Steroid industry.

As the leading anabolic cutting agent commercially available to athletes.

Trenbolone has stood the test of time when it comes to Anabolic Steroid use in sport.

Trenbolone Development

Trenbolone has been at the forefront of Anabolic Steroids research over the years.

It has led the field in many areas within its own right as the most effective and powerful anabolic cutting supplement available.

The weight loss industry is quick to churn out many, would be eight loss rivals to Trenbolone, but Trenbolone wins every time.

There is simply no comparison with Trenbolone and any random over the counter weight loss junk. Trenbolone is the true champion of cutting.

  • Increases muscle mass growth
  • Extremely effective cutting agent
  • Noticeable weight loss
  • Gives a desirable shape to the body
  • 5 times more effective than natural Testosterone
  • Increases energy levels significantly.
  • Long lasting muscle gain.
  • Can be used legally by athletes if Anabolic supplements are allowed.

Before doing any trenbolone cycle, it is always wise to partake in a full medical evaluation, by a legally licensed medical practitioner.

If you plan a Trenbolone Cycle, We would advise these precautions prior.

Do not take any other substances that may negatively effect the liver, kidney or heart.

Hard as it may sound but try to keep calm and relaxed, and if you can, stay within a stress free environment if possible.

Trenbolone Relaxation Cycle

Yoga is becoming a very popular way to lower stress, it has a number of different forms and the type of relaxation you are looking will be entirely dependent on your individual Trenbolone cycle.

When we’re thinking about our physical fitness during a trenbolone cycle, or any anabolic steroid cycle for that matter, we know that stress relief exercises such as yoga can really help you to improve your concentration during a cycle.

We get some real nice muscle mass gains and become even more flexible than before.

As well as reducing a lot of body fat with Trenbolone too.

We do not recommend taking single stack cycles. Stack your cycle with other anabolics to boost performance.

Trenbolone has a chemical makeup, that looks a little something like this,

Trenbolone Base + Enanthate Ester

The scientific term for Trenbolone is, 17beta-Hydroxyestra-4,9,11-trien-3-one.

The Street name for Trenbolone is “Tren

  • Trenbolone Nandrolone Base Molecular Weight: 270.3706 Approx
  • Trenbolone Ester Molecular Weight: 130.1864 Approx
  • Trenbolone Nandrolone Base Molecular Formula: C18 H22 O2
  • Trenbolone Ester Molecular Formula: C7 H12 O
  • Lowest Nandrolone Base Melting Point : 183c -186c Approx
  • Original Manufacturer : DPharm and also Stark
  • Half – Life : Approx 9 Days
  • Testing Detection Time: Up To Approx 6 Months

The Ultimate Trenbolone Stacks

Trenbolone is a huge all rounder of Anabolics. This bad boy runs in stack cycles with everything you can throw at it.

  • Trenbolone Stack Example 1

Trenbolone + Andriol + Clenbuterol

  • Trenbolone Stack Example 2

Trenbolone + Anadrol + Clenbuterol

  • Trenbolone Stack Example 3

Clenbuterol + Trenbolone + Anadrol

  • Trenbolone Stack Example 4

Trenbolone + Clenbuterol

The Best Stacking Cycle

Keep a good healthy diet through any cycle.

Loss of appetite can occur whilst cycling stacks.

Be sure to maintain a Healthy Daily intake of Food and Water.

If any serious side effects occur. stop the cycle immediately, and consult with a medical professional immediately.

A Trenbolone only cycle is never recommended to anyone.

If you are looking for a good stack setup, with a really nice cycle effect and withdrawal, you will most likely want to have stacked yourself up with andriol or anadrol, or some sort of nice testosterone base for bulking.

People should always know that taking bodybuilding supplements like Trenbolone can be very beneficial.

But if you start using more than you actually need, it will not always play to your advantage.

By thinking you can simply skip levels, by increasing your dose of Trenbolone or any Drug for that matter. will somehow allow you to leapfrog others is simply foolish.

Trenbolone is there as an aid to supplement your overall training regime. If you end up taking more than you need, it can do far more damage to your body than good.

Best Stacking Steroids

Whether used as Tren A or Tren E, Trenbolone is a popular steroid that is commonly used as an injectable in a number of different cycles.

Although it can be run on its own, side effects are said to be minimized with better results when run with other types of steroids in a cycle.

Below are some compounds that are typically found in Trenbolone stacks.

Testosterone Stack

Testosterone is what makes men what they are, and when it gets shut down, which is what happens when a steroid is used for a certain period of time, the absence can cause problems.

This is why so many people like to use an injectable testosterone such as Testosterone Enanthate,

Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Propionate and Sustanon (which is a combination of esters) among others.

Using it in a cycle with Trenbolone helps to minimize side effects, and also help improve size and strength gains made.

Masteron Stack

Masteron is often included in Trenbolone stacks, and this also includes an injectable form of testosterone like Test E.

It’s typically for the more experienced steroid user, who wishes to cut before a competition – otherwise known as becoming “shredded”.

Masteron is also known as a mild aromatase inhibitor so can be used to help reduce circulating estrogen levels.

This steroid will also help muscles to become harder which makes for great sessions in the gym.

Winstrol Stack

Winstrol is a hit or miss oral steroid for a lot of people and is often skipped by people who are worried about male pattern baldness as it will speed up the process for those affected.

However, people who don’t care or who aren’t at risk, often find that when added to a Trenbalone cycle, the results are phenomenal.

Those looking for a bulk lean have especially found it great when also stacked with Testosterone Prop.

Dianabol Stack

Dianabol is a popular oral steroid that is well known to add dramatic increases in size and strength in a relatively short span of time.

It is a great addition to a bodybuilder’s Trenbolone stacks when run alongside a Testosterone injectable as a kick starter.

Due to the nature of the steroid, its best used in a bulking cycle.

Some people like to run this stack without testosterone and claim to have very little side effects.

At the end, it comes down to personal preference and what works for you as people react differently.

Dianabol is particularly known for making users feel better mentally while on it.

There are a few other compounds that are found in Trenbolone stacks, but the above are by far the most preferred.

As always, do your research and make sure to have your PCT and aromatase inhibitor on hand before you start the cycle.