Types of Steroids for Sale

It’s possible to buy steroids online that will give you the same benefits as those prescribed to you by a doctor. When you buy steroids from an online retailer, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Here is my 13 point checklist to ensure the products you buy are legal to obtain and safe to use.

Research the Company

Before you buy anabolic steroids online, you should first find out a little bit about the company offering them.

You should know how long they have been in business, as this can go toward telling whether or not they are legitimate.

You should look for a site that is well put together and appears to have authoritative content.

Unreliable companies will set up their websites rather hurriedly, resulting in difficult to read pages and content that is not coherent.

Social Media Sites

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be excellent sources of information about a particular company.

Look at how long a social media page has been in operation and the types of posts that are shown. This will let you know if a company is committed to its customers or just pushing sales.

Research the Products

You should also research the products on a  particular website before you make a purchase.

Some vendors sell “placebo” steroids rather than the real thing. Others may obtain their steroids from unauthorized sources.

Ask about the ingredients used in products, and shy away from companies that refuse to provide them.

Be cautious of online companies that sell at rock bottom prices, as this could indicate products are not legitimate.

Scrutinize Reviews Carefully

Online steroid vendors may offer reviews or testimonials for you to read before making a purchase.

Often, these reviews are written by people who have never even done business with a particular company.

Claims to extraordinary results that far exceed what the average consumer can experience, chances are those reviews are manipulated.

If all the reviews are positive, proceed with caution. At least a few negative reviews are par for the course in any industry.

Verify Claims

To entice you to buy, some companies will promise you results that just aren’t possible for you to obtain.

Before you buy any type of steroid, you should know what results to expect to obtain ahead of time.

Gather your information from reliable sources such as medical publications or a physician’s website. You’ll then know if a vendor’s claims are valid, and won’t be swayed by emotion when making a purchase.

Site Security

When visiting the website of an online steroids retailer, you should pay attention to site security.

Read their privacy policy carefully in order to find out how they will share your information with others.

Before entering payment information, make sure the site has Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This makes it less likely that your personal information will fall into the wrong hands.

Check Legality

Before you decide to buy anabolic steroids online, you should first make sure that it is legal for you to do so.

Steroids have been classified as illegal in many areas, you could be charged with a crime if found in possession of them.

Even in places where steroids are legal, you could still face sanctions for using them if you are doing so to improve your athletic performance. That’s because certain leagues have regulations against the use of steroids by athletes.

If you belong to an athletic association, it’s best to find out whether or not you could be disqualified from competing should you be found using anabolic steroids to enhance your performance.


Legitimate websites will normally have some type of disclaimer that cautions against unsafe use, consumption by minors, or the use of certain supplements to treat illnesses.

Unscrupulous websites will sometimes claim that their products can be used to treat a host of medical conditions. When in fact these claims have not been evaluated by the (FDA) as a possible cure.

An honest company will tell you this up front so you will not be tempted to use steroids for anything other than their intended purposes.

Possible side effects for each product should also be listed so that you can avoid those that might be harmful to you.

Check Photographs Carefully

Caution dealing with sites that post pictures of exceptionally muscular men or women with claims that you will obtain the same results.

The individuals portrayed in these pictures are often models who are paid to pose for shots, or even worse, the images may have been photo shopped.

While steroids can help you become leaner and more toned, they are unlikely to turn you into a bodybuilder.

Be aware that the right diet and exercise will still be needed in conjunction with steroid use; otherwise, taking them will provide you with little or no benefits whatsoever.

Where not to Purchase

There are a number of offline sources where you can purchase anabolic steroids or other performance-enhancing supplements. Gyms sometimes offer these products to their patrons in order to maximize their profits.

They can also be sold on the street by black market dealers. Some people even travel to other countries to purchase them because certain types of steroids are legal in those countries.

These methods are dangerous, because you cannot verify the authenticity or legality of the products being offered.

As a result, you could face damage to your health, not to mention jail time for possessing illegal substances.

Types of Steroids

When you find a reputable vendor, the next step is to determine the type of steroid that would be best for you. This will require you to do some more research in order to find out a little bit about each one.

Many times, you can find information about different types of steroids right on a seller’s web page, thereby making it easy for you to do your research.

The right steroid will be based upon your age, gender, fitness goals and overall health.

The one you choose could be very different from the type of steroid your spouse or co-worker might use.

It can also be helpful to know what a site’s return policy is in the event you need to send your steroids back for any reason.

Best steroids for bulking are:

Best steroids for cutting are:

Although there are many cutting steroids available, it is worth mentioning the high use of the non steroidal Clenbuterol for cutting.

Setting up a Plan

Most steroids require you to take them in cycles in order to enjoy the maximum benefits possible.

Normally done by taking the recommended dosage two or three times per day for a period of four to six weeks.

For maximum benefits, it is usually best to take them just before a meal.

Some steroids will need to be injected, which can be difficult to do.

Be sure you can commit to taking your steroids as recommended, or else you won’t be able to enjoy the full benefits from taking them.

Benefits of Taking Steroids

Steroids do have some definite benefits, as they can help increase muscle strength and size when used as directed.

In some cases, they can also be effective at expediting the healing process for those who have suffered a sports-related injury.

Some users report increased stamina while taking steroids. This in turn helps them to work out longer. Allowing them to increase their fitness level much sooner than they would have otherwise.

If you take the time to research the options, you can enjoy the best benefits possible while also reducing any health risks.

The History of Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids, also known as steroids, are hormones that impede the rate of cell division and development of a person’s body through increasing them.

Most types of steroids have anabolic and androgenic properties.

This is the reason why they are recognized as AAS which stands for Anabolic and Androgenic Steroids.

Maybe you are wondering how anabolic steroids have evolved.

To know more about this topic, researching about these hormones is an excellent move.

For your guide, here is the brief history of steroids.

Anabolic Steroids: How They Began

If you look back at history, you will notice that steroids were part of the lives of professional athletes.

They used these substances to increase androgenic and anabolic growth in the bodies.

History shows that steroids began between 1930 and 1950. During the 20th century, scientists from Germany accidentally discovered them as a form of contemporary medicine.

Then, after several years, anabolic steroids came into the fame in a huge way. In 1958,

Methandrostenolone or Dianabol proved to be effective at their trials in various countries around the globe.

These hormones were also approved for use by the Food and Drug Association in the United States.

In 1972, a wide study was performed whereby no distinction could be observed between steroid injection and placebo. In 1975, the IOC finally prohibited the use of steroids in Olympic competition.

Though they were banned, illegal sales continued to increase.

In 1984 and 1985, the United States Olympic Committee organized non-punitive, unannounced drug trials.

They found out that almost 50% of their athletes were using these substances.

In 1988, the first federal regulation of steroid was initiated.

This regulation is a part of Anti-Drug Act to give punishments for any violator.

Despite of infrequent trial and use of steroid from the 60s through the 80s, some critics were still not convinced with their real effect.

Later in 1996, NIH or National Institute of Health planned to check the real effect of the drug.

This is done through injecting testosterone enanthate in great amount of dosage.

The output gave a clear sign of increase in muscle mass and reduction in fat mass.

In 1999, WADA was established to secure the rights of every athlete to doping-free sport.

The abuse of steroid use has become the growing concern of the United States.

In January 2005, a new law was put into effect. It has opened up the path for the Anabolic Steroid Acts of 2004.

In this new act, both anabolic and prohormones steroids are now controlled substances.

How are Steroids Used?

Steroids can be used in many ways.

Experts claim that they can be injected, rubbed on through gels or creams, taken orally through pills and a lot more.

Among the distinct types, injection is the common form of administration.

It is often done through the muscle of the body.

Furthermore, if the person takes two or more distinct types of steroid at a time, they are taking part in stacking.

It is a practice of increasing muscular mass at a quicker rate.

If the anabolic steroids are used by those in the medical field, these drugs are essential in preventing bone loss, fighting cancer and increasing testosterone level.

They are also best for increasing the appetite, facilitating growth in the stage of puberty and treating liver problems. Illegal anabolic steroids are often used by sports, teens, players and body builders for building muscle mass and improving their performances.

Effects of Abuse Anabolic Steroids

Excessive usage of steroids can result to a wide range of adverse side effects.

Users may appear physically unattractive due to breast development and acne.

Some may also experience several complicated health conditions like liver cancer and heart attack.

Most of these effects will just be temporary if the users impede from using steroids too much.

If not, these side effects will remain permanent.

Another effect of these steroids is the disruption of normal hormonal production in the body.

This can cause both irreversible and reversible changes.

Changes that can be reversed include decreased sperm production and lessening of the testicles.

Irreversible changes, on the other hand, include breast growth and baldness of male.

For women, these drugs can cause a masculine figure, the body fat and breast size will decrease, the clitoris will enlarge and the skin will become coarse.

They may also experience too much growth of body hair but lose scalp hair.

Positive Effects of Steroid Usage

Anabolic steroids have multiple positive effects.

Users can have a chance to achieve muscle building.

These drugs can  also increase protein synthesis.

With accurate usage of these steroids, strength and recovery will be observed.

Puberty in boys and childhood growth can also be experienced.

For both men and women, these drugs can also increase sexual desires.

With ultimate body and health benefits of these anabolic steroids, a lot of people are planning to get these drugs.

If you are one of them, the best thing you can do is look for an ideal supplier.

Getting these steroids is not too easy.

You have to ensure that you will get the best type before buying. If not, your health might be in danger.

Buy Steroids – Where to Find?

The significance of anabolic steroids is known by millions of people.

With its increasing demands, a lot of manufacturers are introducing distinct brands and types.

As a result, most buyers find it hard in choosing the best one.

If you are looking for an excellent one, all you have to do is start reading customer reviews.

Through reading reviews, you can easily determine which brand will meet your needs and budget.

The testimonials of every user can also be used in identifying which type is proven safe and effective to use.

Whether you opt to buy steroids for health purposes or body enhancements, you should always know where to depend on.

With the given details about anabolic steroids, you can understand why most people are planning to use these drugs.

If you opt to use these drugs, always ensure that you take an average amount to avoid any trouble.